What a wild, chaotic time to be alive.  As a leader, there is much to know and little time to learn.  In coaching together we will focus on:   

  • Self-Knowledge—Knowing your strengths, your triggers, your values, your impact

  • Vision / Aspiration—Who you are becoming, what you are creating, where you are headed

  • Bold Action—Maintaining self-belief, inspiring others, owning conflict, achieving outrageous goals

Rainbow Light Art

A change is easy to make but the process of transition is what determines the success of the change.  In the old days, we thought change only happened from the top down.  Turns out the experience is more dynamic, organic, and unpredictable than any of us realized.  The heart of change lives with the people who must enact it which calls for radical levels of inclusion, courage, and openness.


The derivation of “facil-“ is “to make easy.”  My approach to meeting & workshop design is to create a trusting, engaging experience.  For people to learn new skills, for people to confront hard truths, for people to engage in important conversations, a spacious container is necessary as well a facilitator skilled in conducting high-heat meetings.