• Lauren Powers

The Creative Road of Trials and/or Tests

Maybe it’s just me but I expect life to be easy. So, when it gets hard, I stop doing whatever it is I’m doing. It’s supposed to be easy. This is not easy. I’m not doing it.

What I’ve been missing all this time is that difficulty may mean I’m learning something. Doing the hard thing may mean I’ll get better at it. Pursuing experiences that scare me, make me less scared. Creating art that is beyond me makes me better at creating art. Finishing a project that I don’t like makes me more disciplined with the ones I do like.

I really hate that doing hard things is good for you. But since we have arrived at the Trials and Tribulations portion of the Hero’s Journey, it’s useful to point this out. For here may be the most valuable information to understand.

Once you can see the obstacles, hiccups, and failures as “this is making me better” rather than “I suck” your will to continue is magnified. This is a major perspective shift—from one of “this should be easier” to “I’m becoming stronger.”

  • What feels hard and how is it strengthening you?

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