• Lauren Powers

The Bad News about Creativity

There’s bad news about creativity—being creative is completely anxiety provoking. If you don’t create you’ll be anxious, if you do create you’ll be anxious—it’s just a matter of picking your anxiety. Isn’t that a mind-blower?

I got this bittersweet nugget from Eric Maisel’s book Fearless Creating. Before reading his book, I’d been waiting to begin creative activities until I felt positive and at ease about it. I tell you, I waited a lot.

When I was working on my first book, I was like a wallflower version of Muhammad Ali. My point is that I could “dance like a butterfly” only it was AWAY from the writing. I back-pedaled, I ducked, I ran.

I was also missing the “sting like a bee” part of the equation. I didn’t take swings or make much contact with my writing. I kept waiting to feel inspired before I did that. And I only felt worse; not doing anything, except waiting to feel better, was not working out too well for the production of my book.

What got me out of this funk? A friend demanded that I finish the damn thing so she could use it in a class she was teaching. In three weeks, it was done. For me, it’s outlandishly motivating to have someone I know actually use my creation.

Naturally, each of us has individual buttons that push us closer to, or further from, creating. We’ll investigate a number of them in this blog as we go along.

For now,

· Which button of yours is pushing you away from creativity?

· And which is pulling you toward creativity?

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