• Lauren Powers

Heroic Creativity

You’ve heard of the Hero’s Journey? The short version is: You’re minding your own business. Adventure breaks out around you. You fight / you lose / you win / you love / you laugh / you cry. Having learned a splendid lesson, you’re now a hero.

That is exactly what it’s like to engage with the goddess Creativity. You’re sitting there happily playing a video game when suddenly you feel a calling—an inner pull to expand beyond yourself, to engage in new ideas, new adventures, new artsy stuff.

We’re not talking about things that you admire from a distance but things that you create yourself from your own experience, insights, and talents.

So, like the hero, you have to decide—“Do I wanna?”

Or do you say, “If I can just ignore this feeling, I’ll get to stay in my beanbag chair with a box of Junior Mints and watch ‘Jackass: The Movie’ until dawn.”

This is your first critical decision point.

· What’s calling to you?

· How are you ignoring it?

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