• Lauren Powers

Crossing the Creative Threshold

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

I wish that the deciding to be creative made it happen. Usually, I’ve tortured myself so much about whether to go for it, that deciding “yes I’ll do it” feels like it should be the end of the experience—I came to the brave decision, I ought to be done with this already. But that’s not how it works.

Only now, in committing to the journey, has it really begun. Your official leaving of the Ordinary World can now take place. What I had hoped was the end of the trip is the true start of the adventure.

This is the move into the Special World, unknown and dangerous, where you don’t know diddly and can’t predict what will happen or even who you will be. This may sound forbidding. You may very well decide to stay home.

But my hope is to forewarn you. Then you can make yourself ready. If you have a sense of what you’re getting into, if you can prepare yourself for the hazing that’s coming, you’ll end up closer to where you want to be.

The most important thing in your backpack on this trip is the goal, the vision, the idea that you are reaching for—both the internal experience you want and the external expression of who you are. These may shape-shift as you go—this is natural. But you must have a sense of purpose to keep you moving when the way is hard.

So, the initiation begins. Like Dorothy setting out on the Yellow Brick Road, crazy-amazing-wildness awaits and there’s no going back. This is goose-bumps territory!

  • What is your vision for yourself?

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