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The Trouble with Thinking

In The Trouble with Thinking Lauren describes how our habits of thinking don’t always help us. In this surprisingly funny book, she shows how often we run on autopilot, making up negative stories about our lives and the people in them.

Drawing on the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, she describes the way that our emotions, our judgments, our upbringing, even our biochemistry, can affect us more than we would like. The decisions we make based on this “thinking” can lead to all kinds of unhappiness—hurt feelings, antagonistic relationships, and serious mistakes. 

By detailing our automatic thinking, the Rat Brain Loop as she calls it, Lauren shows how to change this unconscious pattern.  For truly, we can make choices about how we interpret information, how we interact with people, and how we can own our thinking instead of letting it own us.


Talking Heads Course

Most of us want to get better at talking. But the REAL power tool for influencing others, leading, collaborating, having an impact, and being an an-all-around-better person is Active Listening. While regular listening can look like being blank and silent, Active Listening is engaged, creative, and responsive.

In this course, you will gain both the internal awareness and external skill-set that are the foundation of Active Listening. You will be able to have far more satisfying, interesting, successful conversations.

I created this practical  Udemy course for you--filled with my unique insights from starting out as a terrible listener to now being a professional listener, a Master Certified Coach. I’ve been teaching people how to listen actively for twenty years now and these skills are both learnable and priceless. My course is packed with real-world examples that demystify and simplify what to pay attention to so you can be a great listener.